Gabriela Munzarová


Gabriela Munzarová
Finalist Miss Maxim 2007 from the Czech Republic
Gabriela Munzarová is 24 years model of Prague.

This was written by our British colleagues:
TELL that Gabriel is a perfect essence of the right-East beauty, it would be gross underestimation of the facts. These svelte curves and beautiful front bones - we just saw, we started to jump enthusiasm as the children on Christmas Eve when they first see Christmas tree. If you think about look to Prague and meet here Gabriela, so you remember that the prefer dinner with candles and even a romance of the old school. And if you manage to start to kiss her neck, cause it to the wild attack unreal passion!

Even the Czechs and we have to have it closer.

If you're in mid-May watching favorite television program Czech Release, please, surely you liked witty dialogues with moderator John Krause reports CT Iveta Toušlovou and mimem Boris Hybnerem. What followed during a visit by the third guest, Ponec Theatre of Prague (Czech Television broadcasts from the agenda) still do not. "Another guest is Ms. Gabriela Munzarová," said John Kraus enough. Red velvet sofas to immediately settle Gabriela Munzarová, miss NEI Report 2007.
In fitting coat and miss crown on the head pressures faced questions actor and moderator, then everything humorously towards its candidature for the post of Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic. Jan Kraus was really very curious - the agenda you may see themselves, not only Miss that, in any response appointed chairman, Mr Richard Knota NEI, but also brought a bit vzruchu to pre rhetoric. Spectators in the theater also sets the smáli greatly, and the greatest success followed, after a miss postponed (better to postpone garments) in party uniforms.
Kraus with Hybnerem in mžiku nudity Gabriele covered towel, but he fell to them at the time and showed a real beauty missky NEI Report (yet to be broadcast after 22 pm ...).
Unlocking therefore certainly not occurred before televisions, but even after the shooting, when we Jan Kraus with Gabriela will wait to take photos with the assistance of TV production with Boris Hybnerem.
Text and photo MIROSLAV MALEC